How Much Duty Tax On Mobile Phones In Pakistan? (Question)

The regulatory duty on the import of mobile phones with a value of up to $30 will continue to be charged at a flat rate of Rs300 per set, while it will be charged at a rate of Rs3,000 per set on mobile phones with a value greater than $30 per set but not exceeding $100, including smartphones with a value of up to $ 30 per set.

How much is phone tax in Pakistan?

Import of mobile phones up to $30 in value will remain at the current flat rate of Rs300 per set, while the regulatory duty on mobile phones worth more than $30 per set but not exceeding $100, including smartphones with a value of up to $ 30 per set, will be charged at the higher rate of Rs3,000 per set.

How do I check my PTA mobile tax?

To find out how many mobile devices have been registered against your CNIC, dial *8484#.

What is custom duty on mobile phones?

Check the number of mobile devices associated with your CNIC by dialing *8484#.

How much cost for PTA approve a iPhone?

In order to register your iPhone 13 with PTA, you must pay a tax of PKR 36,800 (in the event of a passport) and PKR 46,200 (in the case of an ID card).

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Can I take 2 phones to Pakistan?

What is the maximum number of phones that an overseas passenger may carry into Pakistan? According to Pakistani law, overseas passengers are permitted to bring in a total of 5 (five) mobile phones for personal use into the country each calendar year.

How can I avoid mobile tax in Pakistan?

Only one phone can be brought into Pakistan by an overseas Pakistani without being subjected to tax.

  1. Extract the IMEI number from your device in the first step, as follows: Step 2: Determine whether or not the device has been registered: You will receive one of the following messages when you enter your 15-digit IMEI code/number in Step 3:

How do you calculate mobile tax?

Simply text your device’s IMEI number to the number 8484 to find out the current status of your device. If your gadget complies with the PTA, you will not be required to pay the tax associated with it.

How much is import duty on mobile?

Completely built-up units (CBUs) of battery chargers are subject to a 15-20 percent customs duty, whilst handsets are subject to a 22.5 percent customs duty rate. In order to promote higher value addition in India, some sub-assemblies of phones, such as display panels, printed circuit boards, mechanics, and die-cut parts, are also subject to a 10 percent import charge as well.

How many phones are allowed in customs?

If the customs agency at the airport inspects your luggage, you should be able to defend your actions as much as you can. Two is a good number since one may be worn and the other can be carried in a bag.

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What is mobile GST?

For mobile phones, the GST rate is 18 percent, and the HSN code for mobile phones is 8517.

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