How Much Tax On 100 Rupees Mobile Card? (Solved)

At the now, the government receives 10 percent, or Rs9.10, in advance tax on every Rs100 prepaid card purchased from a retailer. General Sales Tax (GST) is deducted from the remaining Rs87, amounting to Rs14.80 or 19.5 percent (GST).

What is the tax on Zong 100 card?

The withdrawal of the 100 card means that mobile network customers will be required to pay 12.5 percent withholding tax and 19.5 percent FED, which will continue to be payable on every top-up and balance transfer transaction.

How much tax is cut on mobile balance in Pakistan?

11.111 in opposition to withholding tax at 12.5 percent GST is charged at a rate of 19.5 percent on a per-call, SMS, and data usage basis. When a user uses up his or her remaining balance of Rs. 88.889, he or she will have spent a total of Rs.

What is the tax on 100 Jazz Load 2021?

Furthermore, on a Jazz Rs 100 balance load, withholding tax is 12.5 percent, service costs are 5 percent + 19.5 percent FED, which equals Rs 5.98, and an operating fee is 5 percent equals Rs 5 – for a total deduction of Rs 23.48 on a Jazz Rs 100 balance load.

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How much is a 100 card balance?

100 will get a balance of Rs. 88.99, which may be used to access all Telenor services.

What is the tax on 100 jazz load?

Currently, the advance income tax rate is 15 percent on each recharge. The United Kingdom is free from all taxes.

What is the tax on 50 Zong?

Zong tariffs are Rs. 50 plus tax each minute, Rs. 1.80 plus tax every SMS, and Rs. 4 plus tax per megabyte of data sent over the internet.

How much is tax on Zong?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) of 19.5 percent is charged on consumption.

How can I get Jazz 100 balance?

For Jazz Advance, just phone *112# from your Jazz Prepaid number and you will receive a Rs. 15 advance in your account when your balance falls below Rs. 100 at any time within the following 4 hours.

How can I get ufone certificate?

Ufone Tax Certificate may be obtained using the Ufone Mobile App.

  1. Install the Ufone app, register with it, and then launch it. On the home screen, you will find an option labeled “Tax Certificate,” which you should choose. On the following screen, pick the month and year that you want to use. You will receive a tax certificate for the time period you have selected in your email inbox.

How can I check Zong full balance?

Customers using Zong prepaid service can inquire about their balance by dialing *222# or 310.

How can I save jazz balance?

You may save money on your data plan by simply using data from your subscription data plan.

  1. Rs.0 for a one-year subscription
  2. to subscribe, dial *275#
  3. to unsubscribe, dial *275*4#
  4. validity is 30 days (recursive)
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What is the tax on Telenor load?

Dear Customers, as a result of an increase in withholding tax, every recharge will now be subject to a 15 percent withholding tax. – Telenor Pakistan Limited.

How can I recharge Ufone 100 RS card?

My Ufone Application Select the Pay Bill/Recharge option from the drop-down menu. Identify the phone number for which payment is required (it can be the customer’s default number, a related number, or any other Ufone number) and click Continue. Choose a payment method (Credit/Debit Card, UPaisa, or Scratch Card) and go to the payment page. Enter the amount to be paid or the amount to be recharged from your account.

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