How Much Tax On Mobile In Pakistan? (Solution)

Regulatory duties on the import of mobile phones with a value of up to $30 will henceforth be imposed at a fixed rate of Rs300 per item, according to the Federal Reserve’s website. However, a person would be fined at the rate of Rs31,520 for the import of mobile phones with a value greater than $500 per set, according to the government.

How much is tax on mobile phones in Pakistan?

The regulatory duty on the import of mobile phones with a value of up to $30 will continue to be charged at a flat rate of Rs300 per set, while it will be charged at a rate of Rs3,000 per set on mobile phones with a value greater than $30 per set but not exceeding $100, including smartphones with a value of up to $ 30 per set.

How can I check my mobile tax in Pakistan?

To find out how many mobile devices have been registered against your CNIC, dial *8484#.

How is mobile PTA tax calculated?

It equates to 0.9 percent of the total cost of the mobile phone purchased. After you’ve added everything up, you’ll have the precise amount you’ll have to pay. You may quickly obtain an estimate of how much tax you will have to pay based on the cost of the phone by looking at the list provided below.

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What is PTA tax?

A tax levied by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is levied on all mobile phones imported into Pakistan by law. In the case that PTA Tax is not paid in a timely manner, it automatically registers compliant devices functioning on mobile networks and eventually disables non-compliant devices. 19

How can I avoid mobile tax in Pakistan?

Only one phone can be brought into Pakistan by an overseas Pakistani without being subjected to tax.

  1. Extract the IMEI number from your device in the first step, as follows: Step 2: Determine whether or not the device has been registered: You will receive one of the following messages when you enter your 15-digit IMEI code/number in Step 3:

How much does PTA registration cost?

You may find a more complete response in the table above, but in general, you will be charged anywhere from PKR 300 to PKR 32,000, depending on the type and model of your phone you have.

How much cost for PTA approve a iPhone?

In order to register your iPhone 13 with PTA, you must pay a tax of PKR 36,800 (in the event of a passport) and PKR 46,200 (in the case of an ID card).

Is 1 mobile registration free in Pakistan?

Duty-free registration is only permitted for one phone at a time. If the phone (s) will be used in Pakistan for less than 30 days, there is no need to register or pay any taxes.

How can I avoid paying PTA taxes?

To find out the current status of your smartphone, just text your IMEI number to 8484. If your device complies with the PTA, you will not be required to pay the tax.

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How do I pay my FBR tax online?

To return to the main menu, click here. Bill Payment Tax Company FBR E-payment In order to proceed with the payment request, you must provide your (Payment Slip ID) in the appropriate field.

How can I get free mobile from PTA?

Step 1: Begin by dialing *8484# to initiate the call. Step 2: To begin the registration process, respond with a ‘1’ in the response box. The third step is to respond with the number one if you are an American citizen and with the number two if you are a temporary alien. Then, if this is your first device to be registered, respond with a ‘1’ to indicate that it will be registered free of charge.

How many mobiles are allowed to carry in Pakistan?

According to Pakistani law, overseas passengers are permitted to bring in a total of 5 (five) mobile phones for personal use into the country each calendar year.

Is PTA tax increasing?

The government budget for fiscal year 22 decreased the advance tax on telecommunications services from 12.5 percent to 10 percent. In addition, the government has agreed to reduce the advance tax on telecom consumers by another 2 percent, bringing it down to 8 percent in fiscal year 2023.

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