How To Add Services In Google My Business?

Services can be added or edited on a company’s profile.

  1. Log in to Business Profile Manager with your username and password. If you have numerous locations, select the one you want to manage from the drop-down menu. Select Information from the drop-down menu. In the “Services” section, select Edit from the drop-down menu. Add your services and then hit “Save.”

How do I add service hours to Google my business?

Access Business Profile Manager by logging in using your account information. When managing several locations, select the place you want to manage from the drop-down menu. Select Information from the menu bar. Select Edit from the “Services” section. Please enter your services and then click Save.

  1. Sign in to Google My Business using your computer. Open the place you’d like to manage and click on it. Select Info from the drop-down menu. Next to “More hours,” select the Edit icon.

How do you post a service on Google?

Simply log into your Google My Business account and do the following actions:

  1. To view your listings, simply click on them. The “Posts” button will be located in the navigation on the left-hand side of the screen. To publish a message, click “add post” and type your message, which can contain a photo, a description, a call to action button, and, if relevant, the date and time of the event.
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Where do Services show up on Google My Business?

Select Edit profile from the drop-down menu above the search results. Select Services from the drop-down menu. Select the service that you wish to make changes to. To add a new service, select Add additional services from the drop-down menu.

How do I change Google services settings?


  1. Accessibility may be modified by going to the Info section of your GMB profile and clicking the edit pencil next to it. Continue to the bottom of the page, where it reads ‘Service Options.’ Do not rely on the search box to find what you are looking for. You will be able to see the option to activate Dine-in. This may be under review for a few hours, so please allow for some more time before viewing.

How do I add services to my Google account?

Add a premium subscription to your account.

  1. Access your Google Admin panel by logging in. Billing may be found on the Home page of the Admin panel. To the left of the page, select the category of the subscription you wish to add. When you get to the subscription page, select the relevant option: The service will be added to your organization’s Google Account when you follow the on-screen instructions.

What is a service add on?

An Add-on Service is a type of Service that cannot be used independently and can only be used in conjunction with another Service. For example, a shampoo might be included as an Add-On Service for a hairdresser. Add-On Services may also be items that are made available to customers.

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What is Google my business service?

When it comes to “local” businesses, Google My Business (or GMB) is a business listing within Google that is particularly beneficial to businesses that are reliant on their location for the product or service they offer (e.g. a physical store or a business that caters to a specific city, region, or other geographical area).

What is service location?

It is the organization where or with whom a member actually performs their volunteer work in the community that is referred to as their Service Location. Schools, food banks, health clinics, community parks, and other similar facilities are common service places.

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