How To Check Active Tax Filer In Pakistan? (Solution)

It is possible to check your filer status with the Federal Bureau of Investigation by texting the text “ATL space thirteen (13) digit CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) Number” to the number 9966 from your cell phone.

How can I check my active tax payer in Pakistan?

Individual’s Active Taxpayer status may be determined by sending an SMS with the text “ATL (space) 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)” to the number 9966. Check the Active Taxpayer status of AOP and Company by sending an SMS to 9966 with the text “ATL (space) 7 digits National Tax Number (NTN)” in the subject line.

How can I check my tax status online?

Check the status of your refund or demand.

  1. Access the e-Filing website by entering your User ID, password, date of birth / incorporation date, and captcha code. Select “Refund/Demand Status” from the drop-down menu in My Account. Details would be provided in the section below. The year in which the evaluation will take place. Status. There is a reason behind this (For Refund Failure if any) There is an indication of the payment method.
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How can I activate my filer status?

Access the e-Filing website by entering your User ID, password, date of birth or incorporation, and the Captcha code. Select “Refund/Demand Status” from the My Account menu. Specifications are shown below. Evaluation Period (Application Period). Status. The reason for this may be found here (For Refund Failure if any) The payment method is displayed.

What is filer and non filer?

If your name appears on the active taxpayers’ list produced by the Federal Board of Revenue from time to time, or if you have a taxpayers’ card, you are a “filer,” as defined in the Ordinance. A ‘Non-Filer’ is a person who does not file tax returns.

How do I become a FBR active filer?

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become a Filer

  1. Open the FBR IRIS site, select the registration option for an unregistered individual, and fill out all of the required information. Again, go to the IRIS site and select e-enrolment from among the other available alternatives. To finish the registration procedure, provide all of your personal information, such as your CNIC and cellphone number.

How soon can I get my 2021 tax refund?

Your refund should be received within 21 calendar days if you file online and request that the IRS send the money to a bank account on your behalf. That’s the typical time span for a project.

What is active taxpayer?

The Active Taxpayer List (ATL) is an online database that contains information about individuals who have been regular income tax filers in prior years.

Why my filer status is inactive?

What is the reason for my inactive filing status? Remember that you must have previously submitted your income tax returns in order to be able to determine whether you are a filer or a non-filer. Furthermore, if you have simply registered your account or NTN number on FBR but have not yet completed your income tax returns, your status will be shown as inactive.

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How do I check the status of my non-filer?

Get My Payment allows you to check the status of your payments. For additional information, visit the IRS website at Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments.

How many tax filers are in Pakistan?

According to the Federal Board of Revenue, tax of Rs41.89 billion has been collected so far in the current fiscal year, along with the financial accounts. According to the Federal Bureau of Revenue, a total of 2,213,286 persons have submitted their tax forms.

Who are non tax filers?

The non-filer tool, which was created in collaboration with the Internal Revenue Service and the Free File Alliance, is a free and simple option for persons who do not have a tax filing responsibility, such as those who earn too little money to be required to submit a return.

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