How To Download Ptcl Tax Certificate? (Question)

Withholding Tax Certificate for PTCL may be downloaded online. Fill up the blanks with your Account ID (available on your bill). It is necessary to select the time period for the withholding tax statement. Fill in the blanks with the alphabets given in the captcha picture. When you click on “Inquire Tax,” your tax certificate will be displayed in front of you.

How do I get a mobile tax certificate?

How can one obtain a Jazz Tax Certificate online with the use of WhatsApp?

  1. Open WhatsApp and send a message with the word “Hi” to the number 0300-3008000. You’ll receive a response inquiring about the services you’d want to purchase. Choose Tax Certificate, which is number 6 on the list. Comment number six in the same window. You will receive your tax certificates in a matter of minutes.

What is wh tax in PTCL bill?

Other. *** For PSTN users, income tax (WHT) is levied at a rate of 10% on any telephone bill amount above Rs 1,000/-. Internet bills (PTCL + Sales Tax) are subject to 12.5% withholding tax (WHT), which is calculated at 12.5 percent. From the first day of August 2020 onwards, the prices for Broadband Up to 6 Mbps will be increased to Rs 1799 per month.

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What is withholding tax in Pakistan?

Requirements for withholding A 15 percent withholding tax (WHT) is levied on payments made on account of dividends, interest, royalties, and fees for technical services revenue obtained from Pakistani sources, and this tax must be withheld/deducted from the gross amount given to the beneficiary.

What is a tax withholding certificate?

Tax withholding certificates are often referred to as retention tax certificates. When a worker receives a paycheck, his or her employer deducts or withholds a specified amount of tax from their wages. This tax is collected by the employer and paid to the government.

How do I reprint VAT certificate?

Request to Reprint VAT Certificate

  1. Reprinting of the VAT Certificate is requested.

How can I download my Zong tax certificate?

Zong tax certificate may be obtained using the My Zong App. On the My Zong home screen, select the Tax Certificate Feature from the drop-down menu. Select the Start and End dates, and then click on Get Tax Certificate to download the certificate. By selecting Download tax certificate from the drop-down menu, the Zong Tax Certificate will be downloaded to your computer’s hard drive as a PDF file on the date that you specified.

How do I check my SIM tax certificate?

Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Open WhatsApp and send a message with the word “Hi” to the number 0300-3008000. You’ll receive a response inquiring about the services you’d want to purchase. Select Tax Certificate, which is located on page number 6. Respond to the message with the number “6”
  2. Your tax certificates will be delivered to you in a matter of minutes.
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How do I get my tax certificate from jazz?

How to obtain a Jazz Tax Certificate with the Jazz World App

  1. To gain access to your Tax Certificate, download the Jazz World app from the Google Play Store and register with it. Then select “Support” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the app’s home screen. Select “Tax Certificate” from the drop-down menu.

How do I get a tax certificate from K Electric?

It is possible to obtain a tax certificate from K Electric in four different ways:

  1. Tax Certificates may be obtained by visiting your local Integrated Business Center (IBC)
  2. It may be downloaded from the comfort of your own home using KE WhatsApp. Using the K Electric Live App
  3. calling 118 and requesting your Advance Tax Certificate
  4. or going to

How can I get ufone certificate?

Ufone Tax Certificate may be obtained using the Ufone Mobile App.

  1. Install the Ufone app, register with it, and then launch it. On the home screen, you will find an option labeled “Tax Certificate,” which you should choose. On the following screen, pick the month and year that you want to use. You will receive a tax certificate for the time period you have selected in your email inbox.

What is PTCL bill account ID?

Your PTCL Account ID may be found on your bill as well. A total of 10 to fifteen numbers make up the sequence. If you are unable to discover this information, you should contact a PTCL franchise in your area to obtain the Account ID.

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When tax is deducted from salary?

Your company will present you with a TDS certificate detailing the amount of tax deducted and filed to the tax department during the months of June or July, or on an annual basis. Form 16 is the designation given to this certificate. If your yearly income consists only of salaried income, you can file your tax return using the Form 16 as a single document.

Is there any tax on online transfer?

A similar rate of 0.6 percent shall be applied under Section 231AA (2) to be collected by banking institutions at the time of any sum against cash transferred through online transfer, telegraphic transfer, mail transfer, or any other mode of electronic transfer, where the total amount of transactions exceeds Rs.

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