How To File Income Tax Return For Salaried Employee 2016? (Solution found)

How to submit your ITR for the fiscal year 2016-17, as well as all of the resources you’ll require

  1. TDS certificates and capital gains statements should be collected. Form 26AS should be downloaded and checked.
  2. Fix any Form 26AS mistakes that may have occurred. Determine the total amount of money earned throughout the fiscal year.
  3. Calculate your tax responsibilities.
  4. Calculate the total amount of tax due.
  5. Select the most appropriate form.
  6. File your paperwork online.

Can I file return for FY 2016/17 now?

According to an amendment to the Finance Act 1987, you can file your delayed IT return at any time on or before the 1 year anniversary of the end of the applicable Assessment Year (AY). Using the example above, the deadline to file a belated return for the AY 2016-17 was on or before March 31, 2018.

Can I file a tax return for 2016?

If you file your tardy IT return within one year of the end of the relevant Assessment Year, you will be able to claim a late filing penalty under the Finance Act 1987 modification (AY). The deadline to file a late return, for example, was on or before March 31, 2018, for the fiscal year 2016-17.

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Can I file ITR for last 3 years?

In summary, you can file your prior year’s return in the current year, but you must pay a penalty or interest if you file your previous year’s income tax return in the current year. If you have no tax due for the prior year, you can file your previous year’s return without incurring any penalty or interest charges.

How do you file it return for salaried person with Form 16?

Follow the procedures outlined below to upload Form 16 and electronically file your income tax return using

  1. To upload Form 16, go to and click on Upload Your Form 16.
  2. Browse through your files and choose the Form 16 PDF file to upload.
  3. When the upload is successful, a confirmation message will be displayed. In order to proceed, you will be required to log in.

How can I fill ITR online for salaried employees?

Procedures for Filing Form ITR-1

  1. Select E-File Income Tax Returns from the drop-down list in the menu area. Prepare and file income tax returns. Click on Continue after selecting the relevant Assessment Year, for example, AY 2021-2022 if you are filing tax returns for the fiscal year 2020-201, and the form of filing, which is online in this case. Choose your ITR form type, for example, ITR-1.

How many years can you file back taxes?

Select E-File Income Tax Returns from the drop-down menu option. Tax Returns must be filed on time. Click on Continue after selecting the applicable Assessment Year, for example, AY 2021-2022 if you are filing tax returns for the fiscal year 2020-201, and the appropriate manner of filing, such as online. Choose the appropriate ITR form type, for example, ITR-1; and

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Can I still file my 2016 taxes in 2021?

Individual California taxpayers now have until May 17, 2021, to file a claim for a refund for tax year 2016. Yee announced the extension Thursday. In accordance with the deferral, individual taxpayers who are entitled a refund will now have until May 17, 2021 to file their returns for the 2016 tax year in order to get their funds.

Can I file 2 years of taxes at once?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to file your income for each year on a separate tax return. You must file a tax return for each year of income that you have earned.

What is the late fee for ITR filing?

In the event that an individual has not yet submitted their ITR, they will be charged a late fee at the time of filing a delayed ITR. Individuals with taxable income in excess of Rs 5 lakh would be subject to a Rs 5,000 penalty if they fail to file their ITR by the due date. In the case of people with taxable incomes less than Rs 5,00,000, the penalty amount is Rs 1,000.

How do I file time barred ITR?

Step 1: Log in to the e-Filing site using your user ID and password to begin filing electronically. Step 2: On your Dashboard, select Services Condonation Request from the list of options. Step 3: On the Condonation Request screen, choose the option to allow ITR filing after the time period has expired and then press Continue.

Can a salaried person file ITR without Form 16?

Form 16 is a fundamental document that salaried individuals must utilize in order to file their income tax returns (ITR). For the majority of paid workers, filing an ITR without Form 16 appears to be nearly impossible.

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How do you file it returns for salaried employees?

As previously stated, salaried persons in India have the option of filing one of the following ITR forms:

  1. Employees who earn up to Rs. 50,00,000 in salary must file their tax returns with Form ITR-1 (Sahaj), which is also known as the Sahaj Form. ITR-2: It is applicable to salaried individuals with a total annual income in excess of Rs. 50 lakhs (approximately).

Which ITR form for salaried person?

If you are a salaried individual with an annual income over Rs 50 lakhs, you should file Form ITR 2 with the government. In addition, if you have income from a company or profession, you should complete Form ITR 3.

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