How To File Tax Returns Online In Pakistan? (Best solution)

File your Income Tax Return online by going into the IRIS Portal. IRIS is an internet gateway where the filing and submission of Income Tax Returns take place. If you are a first time Income Tax filer, registration will be needed for submitting your Income Tax Return.

How can I file my income tax return in Pakistan 2020?

Tax returns for the previous fiscal year can be filed using the FBR’s web site or the Tax Asaan application, according to a statement released by the agency today. It is possible to file income tax returns using mobile phones by installing the Tax Aasan program, which is available on the Google Play store, according to the Federal Bureau of Revenue.

How can I file my income tax return online 2020?

2. Online: You may enter all of the necessary information immediately into an e-filing site and submit it. ITR 1 and ITR 4 can be filed electronically by the taxpayer.

  1. A unique identifier (PAN) will be generated for you.
  2. Select the appropriate assessment year
  3. Select the appropriate ITR form number.
  4. Select ‘Filing Type’ as ‘Original/Revised Return’
  5. Select ‘Submission Mode’ as ‘Prepare and Submit Online.’
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What is the easiest way to file taxes online?

Now that the free file has been opened, IRS If you use Free File, you may prepare and file your federal income tax return online, either through guided tax preparation, through an IRS partner site, or through the use of Free File Fillable Forms. It’s safe, simple, and there are no fees associated with filing a federal tax return. 4

Who is eligible for tax return in Pakistan?

Salaried persons who earn more than PKR 500,000 per year are expected to electronically file their income tax returns.

How do I file my first tax return in Pakistan?

In order to file your income tax return, the first step is to become a registered member of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

  1. Individuals can register for income tax online using the Iris Portal
  2. however, the principle officer of the AOP and the company must go to the Regional Tax Office (RTO) in person.

When can I submit my tax return 2020?

Those who were not auto-assessed or who have contested their assessment and are not in the Provisional status have until November 16 to file their returns online. From September 1 to October 22, if they are unable to file electronically, they can submit their paperwork at a branch (by appointment only).

Is it easy to do your own tax return?

Those who were not auto-assessed or who have contested their assessment and are not in the Provisional category have until November 16 to file their returns online. From September 1 to October 22, those who are unable to file electronically can submit their documents at a branch (by appointment only).

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Is it compulsory to file income tax return?

An individual is required to file an ITR if his or her gross taxable income for a specific fiscal year exceeds the level that is not subject to taxation under the applicable law. Because of the debut of a new income-tax site this year, there have been substantial changes in the tax filing procedure for taxpayers.

How do I file a return?

Instructions on how to submit Income Tax Employment Income Only

  1. LOGIN Enter your KRA PIN and press the Continue button. Navigate to the Returns Menu. Select ITR For Employment Income Only from the Returns drop-down menu. To begin, enter your return period, check the box next to “Yes” next to the question “Do you have employment income?” and click “Next.”

How can I check my income tax return online?

Make your way to the ‘e-Verify’ option, which is normally found under the ‘Tax’ page. If you continue, you will be forwarded to the income tax department’s e-filing website. Go to the appropriate ITR form and select e-Verify from the drop-down menu. The e-verification of your tax return will be successful.

How do I file my taxes for the first time?

5 Pointers on How to File Your Taxes for the Very First Time

  1. Bring together all of your tax documentation. Determine whether your parents are eligible to claim you as a dependant. Take into account any applicable tax deductions and credits. Don’t forget about your earnings from the gig economy. Electronic submissions are encouraged.

What happens if don’t file taxes?

Failure to File Penalty of 5 percent of the outstanding tax obligation for each month your return is late (up to a maximum of 25 percent of the total unpaid taxes) for each month your return is late. According to the IRS, if you fail to file your tax return within 60 days, you will be subject to a minimum Failure to File Penalty of $435, or “100 percent of the tax needed to be stated on the return, whichever is less.”

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Can we file taxes 2021?

Residents can begin submitting tax returns through IRS Free File partners on January 24; tax returns will be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service on January 24. Tax software providers are also accepting tax returns that have been filed in advance. The deadline for making the fourth quarter anticipated tax payment for the tax year 2021 is January 18. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) opens tax season in 2022 on January 24.

When to file taxes 2021?

The Internal Revenue Service said Monday that it would begin taking federal tax returns for the year 2021 on Monday, January 24. In this year’s tax season, the deadline to file is Monday, April 18. That is the deadline by which you must have filed your individual tax return for the year 2021 and paid any outstanding federal income taxes owing for the previous year.

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