How To Get Sales Tax Number In Pakistan? (Correct answer)

To begin the online application procedure, go to

  1. In order to initiate a new registration application, select new e-registration from the dropdown menu under e-Registration. Choose the kind of application (New Registration, Change in Particulars ST FED Registration, Duplicate Certificate) from the drop-down menu.

How do I register for sales tax?

Who has to register for sales tax in Pakistan?

This means that every person who is engaged in making taxable supplies in Pakistan, including zero-rated supplies, and who is an importer, exporter, seller, distributor, retailer, or wholesaler of goods is required to register for sales tax with the Federal Board of Revenue (also known as the Federal Tax Commission) (FBR).

How can I get GST certificate in Pakistan?

GST Registration: What to Do and How to Do It Form STR-1, Application for Goods and Services Tax Registration, may be submitted electronically. It can also be sent to the Central Registration Office via the postal service or courier services (CRO). It is also possible to submit the application in hard copy form to the Local Registration Office (LRO).

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How can I file my sales tax online in Pakistan?

Instructions on how to file a monthly sales tax return.

  1. The first step is to go to the FBR’s official website, which is located at Second, provide the user id and password for the firm you are working for. After logging in, a window appears that displays the company’s profile, which contains all of the company’s previously filed tax returns.

What is sales tax Pakistan?

It is usual in Pakistan to charge a 17.5% sales tax on all purchases. Exporters and some financial service providers may be eligible to ask for a suspension of the sales tax. Imports of certain staple goods and agricultural products are excluded from the application of the import sales tax.

Who should register sales tax?

It is usual in Pakistan to charge a 17.5% sales tax on all items. Applicants for a Sales Tax Suspension include exporters and some financial service companies. A number of fundamental consumables and agricultural goods are free from import sales tax, including some imported grains.

Is NTN and STRN same?

In some cases, invoices will include the supplier’s National Tax Number (NTN) to demonstrate that the provider is registered. The Sales Tax may only be recovered from the customer if the supplier is registered for sales tax purposes and if the invoice/receipt supplied to the customer has the Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) on it.

How can I get GST number?

What is the procedure for obtaining the GST registration number? In order to obtain a GST number, you must submit an application for GST registration using the GST portal, which may be found at The first step is to create an email address, cellphone number, and PAN for your company in order to begin the procedure properly.

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How can I create FBR account?

You must complete the following steps in order to establish an account:

  1. Valid CNIC/NICOP card in your possession. Registered mobile number with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (for residents residing in Pakistan only)
  2. (For residents residing outside Pakistan, an email address is required.)

How do I get GST certificate?

Certificates can be viewed and downloaded manually.

  1. Go to the URL to learn more. The GST Home page appears on the screen. Please log in to the GST Portal using your valid login credentials. Select the Services User Services View/Download Certificates command from the drop-down menu.

How do I register a new company for GST?

Step-by-step instructions on how to complete the GST Registration Process online

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the GST Portal. Step 2: Generate a TRN by completing OTP Validation. Step 3: OTP Verification TRN Generation. Step 4: TRN Generated. Step 5: Log in using TRN. Step 6: Submit Business Information. Step 7: Submit Promoter Information. Step 8: Submit Promoter Information.

How do I claim sales tax back in Pakistan?

Step 1: Navigate to the GST Portal. ;Step 2: Generate a TRN by completing OTP Validation. ;Step 3: OTP Verification TRN Generation. ;Step 4: TRN Generated. ;Step 5: Log in using TRN. ;Step 6: Submit Business Information. ;Step 7: Submit Promoter Information.

What is sales tax revenue?

General sales taxes are levied against customers when they purchase products and services. The tax is computed as a percentage of the retail price and is then added to the final purchase price paid by the consumer to complete the transaction. General sales taxes are distinct from selective sales taxes, which are levied on specific products such as alcoholic beverages, motor fuel, and cigarettes.

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What is sales tax and income tax?

Income tax is the amount of money you pay to the federal and state governments based on the total amount of money you earn from your business. A percentage amount that your clients are required to pay when they purchase specific things from your business is known as sales tax.

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