How To Give Admin Rights To Domain User? (Perfect answer)


  1. Log in to the workstation using a user account that is a member of the domain administrators group. To enter the Computer Management console, click Start, then Run, then type compmgmt.msc and press Enter to launch it. Click Administrators under Local Users and Groups, then click it again to close the window. To include the domain users group, select Add from the drop-down menu.

How do I make someone an admin in Active Directory?

Launch lusrmgr.msc from the start menu of the machine, choose groups, administrators, and then pick the domain user account. – Create a group in Active Directory called “MyCompany Local Admins” or something similar. – Users should be placed in this group.

How do I grant local admin rights to domain users using Powershell?

Powershell may be used to add a domain group or a specific user to the local administrator group. The following PowerShell command may be used to add AD security groups or users to the local admin group: Add-LocalGroupMember -Group “Administrators ” -Member “domainuser or group,” “additional users or groups” The command adds members to a local group.

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How do you grant local admin rights to domain users via group policy?

Open the GPO and browse to Computer Configuration – Policies – Windows Settings – Security Settings – Restricted Groups in the Computer Configuration – Policies window. Add a new group by selecting it with the right click. You may add people to the local administrators group by typing Administrators in the search box.

Are Domain Admins local admins?

Domain administrators are automatically added as members of the local Administrators groups on all member servers and workstations in their domains when they first log in. For the sake of supportability and disaster recovery, it is not recommended that this default nesting be changed.

How do I grant local admin rights to domain users Windows 10?

To provide domain users administrative powers, perform the following:

  1. To manage your computer, start by clicking on it and selecting manage from the context menu. Local Users and Groups are being expanded. Select the groups folder from the drop-down menu. Administrators may be accessed by clicking on it twice. Add a new item by clicking on it. Type “domain” in the text field and then click on the check names button.

How do I give local admin rights to group policy?

GPO may be used to add Local Administrators (Group Policy)

  1. GPMC (Group Policy Management Editor) should be launched. Create a new Group Policy Object with the name Local Administrators – Servers and assign it to it. Select Computer Configuration – Policies – Windows Settings – Security Settings – Restricted Groups from the drop-down menu.
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How do I add an admin to a domain group?

The computer must already be present in the domain.

  1. Start up the Start menu and look for (by writing) mmc, but don’t launch it just yet. If you are logged in as a user, right-click on mmc and select Run as Administrator from the context menu. Use the shortcut Ctrl + M to create local users and groups. Then, choose the Groups folder and the Administrators record (by double clicking). Add your domain user account to the list.

How do I grant local administrator rights but not domain administrator rights?

The question is, how can I offer local administrator rights without also granting Domain Administrator rights.

  1. To do this, create a domain account named Local Admin, and add all of the users to it. Then manually add the new “local admin” group to the administrators group on each computer.

How do you add a domain administrator to a local admin group?

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