How To Mention Facebook Page On Business Card? (Solved)

Make sure you correctly cite the Facebook URL, such as It is also possible to exclude the first “www” from the web address altogether. Another excellent suggestion is to include the Facebook logo together with your reference information. Because of its widespread recognition, the Facebook logo is frequently used on corporate websites.

How do you reference a Facebook page?

2. Create a Facebook page.

  1. In the reference, provide the page title (for example, “Home,” “About,” or “Reviews”). Italicize the title of the page. Square brackets should be used to denote the notation “[Facebook page].” Because the material is intended to vary over time and is not preserved, it is necessary to provide a retrieval date. Provide the page’s URL in the text box.

How do I put a Facebook icon on my business card?

Open the picture file that contains your business card. To allow you to easily move the logo after you’ve added it to the card without impacting any of the previous material you’ve placed to it, create a new layer on the card. Then, using the right-click menu, select “Paste” from the drop-down menu to paste the logo onto your card.

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How do you cite a social media page?

Initials and surname (s). (Year) Date and month [Social Media Platform], title of post/excerpt, day and month Available at the following URL [Accessed date]: Because most social media posts do not have a title, this is the most difficult part of the process.

How do you write a social media handle on a business card?

The Most Popular Methods of Including Instagram on Business Cards

  1. Most Popular. @handle @brandlyinc: 50 percent popularity.
  2. Other. @handle @brandlyinc: 50 percent popularity. Instagram: @handle
  3. Instagram: @brandlyinc.
  4. Instagram logo (icon)
  5. The handle.
  6. Username.
  7. URL.

Can I use social media logos on business cards?

You may include them on your website and in other digital marketing materials, for example. Additionally, a large number of firms include them into their business cards and other printed marketing materials like as posters and invitation cards. People will be able to tell if your company is active on social media networks if they see your logos on printed materials.

What do you write on a business card?

The following information should be included on your business card:

  1. Logo.
  2. Your logo is a visual reflection of what your company does and what you believe in. The name of the company. Allocate a lot of room for this and make it stand out from the rest of the document: tagline, your name, job title, logo, website and contact information (email, phone number and address).

How do you reference a Facebook page Harvard?

In Harvard style, the following is the fundamental format for a reference list item for a Facebook page citation: The author(s) of the Facebook page are unknown (Year of posting) The Facebook page’s name is “Title of the Day.” [Facebook] The date on which the post was made. Available at the following URL: (Accessed: Date of access).

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What is an APA style citation that uses a social media source?

Format for citations A. A. [@username] is the author. [@username] is the name of the group. Name of the Group on Facebook and other social media platforms.

How do you cite media in APA?

P.P. (Producer’s Partnership) (Producer). (The day on which the program was broadcast.) [Television broadcast] is the title. Studio or distributor location (city and state).

How do you write Facebook handle?

On social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, it’s the username preceded by the @ sign, such as @guardian or @BBC, for example. On Facebook, however, it is the username that appears after in the URL bar when someone visits your profile page. Example: If your name is Mary Smith, the URL for your Facebook page can be

Should you put social media on business cards?

It is a wonderful method to improve brand knowledge and familiarity by including your social media profiles on your business cards (and other material). It also allows potential consumers to have a better understanding of your business and establish a relationship with your brand.

How do you write a social media handle?

There are nine excellent practices to follow while developing social media usernames.

  1. Assume that someone else has already snatched up your perfect handle. Check for availability across a number of different platforms. Ensure that your handles correspond to your company’s name and domain name. Choose handles that are the same color as your brand to maintain consistency. Instead of using punctuation, use a unique name.

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