How To Pay Car Tax Online Karachi?

Motor Tax Payment in Sindh Can Be Made Online Using Internet Banking

  1. Use your desktop browser or a mobile app to log into your online banking login. Select the ‘Tax Payment’ option from the drop-down menu under the ‘Bill Payment’ section. Select the ‘Excise Taxation’ option from the drop-down menu now. Enter your 6-digit PSID, which is unique to you.

How can I pay my car tax online in Pakistan?

Navigate to Bill Payments/Payments and pick the 1BILL Invoice/Voucher Payment option from the drop-down menu. It is possible to access your account information via the Internet or mobile banking service provided by the bank where your account is held.

How can I check my car tax in Karachi?

To begin, go to the Sindh Excise and Taxation Website by clicking on the provided link. ‘vehicle details’ will appear once you have entered your contact information, which includes your phone number and motor vehicle registration number. You must provide your phone number and car registration number before you can go to the next step.

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How do I pay my car tax online?

In order to submit road tax online in Karnataka, you must first complete the following steps:

  1. To access the Vahan Portal, please click here. Continue by entering your registration number. Select “Pay your tax” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter your cell number and click “Generate OTP.” After you have entered the OTP that was received on your phone number, select “Show Details.”

How can I pay my Sindh Excise tax online?

Through the use of mobile/internet banking

  1. If you have access to online or mobile banking services through the bank where your account is held
  2. Enter your login information for your internet banking portal or mobile banking application. Go to payments and pick the 1BILL invoice voucher payment option from the drop-down menu. Insert the 12-digit PSID generated from this site and click on the “OK” button.

How can I pay my car tax online in Punjab Pakistan?

In Punjab, how do you pay your car token tax online?

  1. The e-Pay Punjab application may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. To get started, you must first create an account. Select Token Tax from the Excise and Taxation Department drop-down menu.
  2. Enter your vehicle’s registration number (for example,
  3. Create a challan after you have confirmed the information.

How do I find my PSID token tax number?

Applying for Vehicle Token Tax in Punjab Pakistan and obtaining a challan/PSID is the procedure to be followed.

  1. Applying for an application to obtain a challan or a PSID for vehicle token tax for vehicles registered in Punjab Pakistan

How do I check my 15 car balance online?

To check the car’s details online, use a web browser and put the following website URL into the address bar: . You will be sent to a vehicle verification page, where you will be required to enter the car’s registration number in capital letters. Please keep in mind that there are several distinct types of number plates in Punjab.

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How can I check my car registration in Karachi?

Follow this three-step procedure for automobile verification in Karachi using the CPLC:

  1. For vehicle verification, call the CPLC call center at 021-35662222 or 021-35682222, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Provide the operator with the registration number, engine number, and chassis number.

How do I check my car tax token status?

In Punjab, you may validate your car by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store by visiting this link. Fill out the registration form or log in with the necessary information. Enter the vehicle identification number that you wish to check. You will be presented with two tables, which are identical to those on the MTMIS website, which contain the vehicle data and the owner details.

How can I pay my road tax online in up?

To begin, go to the Vahan Parivahan website (, access the official website, then pick the state and RTO from the drop-down menu and click on the continue button. To pay your tax, go to the main menu and pick the RC-related service. Now input your car’s registration number to see how much money is owed to you pending the outcome of your vehicle tax show.

How can I pay my road tax online in Assam?

In Assam, paying road tax for commercial vehicles online is a simple process that may be accomplished using the vahan parivahan webpage. Now input the following information about your vehicle:

  1. Fill out the form with the following information: state
  2. vehicle kinds (Transport or Non-Transport)
  3. Select Car Class.
  4. Select Vehicle category.
  5. Registration date.
  6. fill out the form with all the information about your vehicle.
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How can I pay my road tax online in parivahan?


  1. For this service, the user must first log into “”
  2. Step 2: After successfully logging in, move your mouse over “Online Services” and select “Pay Vehicle Tax”
  3. Step 3: Enter the registration number and chassis number, then click on “Generate OTP.”
  4. Step 4: After successfully logging in, move your mouse over “Online Services” and select “Pay Vehicle Tax.”

How do I pay my FBR Challan online?

To return to the main menu, click here. Bill Payment Tax Company FBR E-payment In order to proceed with the payment request, you must provide your (Payment Slip ID) in the appropriate field.

How do I pay my car token tax?

How to Make a Payment for a Vehicle Token Online?

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the application from the play store (for Android devices) or the app store (for Apple devices), the next step is to create an account.
  2. After that, you must select excise and taxation.
  3. Search for vehicle (basically, it asks for the registration plate number)
  4. After that, the application will generate a challan.

How can I get PSID for income tax?

The taxpayer will log on to the FBR (IRIS) or Customs (WeBOC) systems and enter his or her tax payment information in order to establish a PSID (paid slip ID) for future use in the system. The taxpayer will make his or her tax payment by visiting an ATM or Internet Banking Portal and entering the PSID that was obtained in step 1 in order to obtain the tax payment data.

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