How To Pay Tax For Mobile In Pakistan? (Solution)

Create a DIBRS account on the website.

  1. Accessing the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) website is the very first step in the process of paying mobile taxes in Pakistan. As soon as you have obtained the URL, you must create an account on the site. On the following screen, you will get a notice.

How do I check my PTA mobile tax?

To find out how many mobile devices have been registered against your CNIC, dial *8484#.

Where can I pay mobile custom duty in Pakistan?

Using the PSID code, you may pay the tax using internet banking, mobile wallets, ATMs, or in-branch transactions at all of Pakistan’s main financial institutions, including the National Bank of Pakistan, the Muslim Commercial Bank, the Allied Bank Limited, and others.

How much tax do I pay on mobile in Pakistan airport?

The regulatory duty on the import of mobile phones with a value of up to $30 will continue to be charged at a flat rate of Rs300 per set, while it will be charged at a rate of Rs3,000 per set on mobile phones with a value greater than $30 per set but not exceeding $100, including smartphones with a value of up to $ 30 per set.

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Do we have to pay tax on phone in Pakistan?

The value of the phone is subject to an IT tax of 9 percent of its total worth. The provincial tax is only applicable in the province of Punjab, and it is fixed at 0.9 percent of the phone’s worth.

How can I avoid mobile tax in Pakistan?

Only one phone can be brought into Pakistan by an overseas Pakistani without being subjected to tax.

  1. Extract the IMEI number from your device in the first step, as follows: Step 2: Determine whether or not the device has been registered: You will receive one of the following messages when you enter your 15-digit IMEI code/number in Step 3:

How do you calculate mobile tax?

Simply text your device’s IMEI number to the number 8484 to find out the current status of your device. If your gadget complies with the PTA, you will not be required to pay the tax associated with it.

How register mobile IMEI with PTA?

Method 1: By sending an SMS message with the IMEI number to the number 8484. The following messages will be received when you send the message to the number 8484: The IMEI is in compliance. The IMEI of the device is valid. Insert your SIM card and make a call or send an SMS to anybody on or before the 20th of October, 2018 to be automatically registered. The IMEI of the device is not compatible.

How can I avoid paying PTA taxes?

To find out the current status of your smartphone, just text your IMEI number to 8484. If your device complies with the PTA, you will not be required to pay the tax.

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How do I get a free PTA phone?

Step 1: Begin by dialing *8484# to initiate the call. Step 2: To begin the registration process, respond with a ‘1’ in the response box. The third step is to respond with the number one if you are an American citizen and with the number two if you are a temporary alien. Then, if this is your first device to be registered, respond with a ‘1’ to indicate that it will be registered free of charge.

How much does PTA registration cost?

You may find a more complete response in the table above, but in general, you will be charged anywhere from PKR 300 to PKR 32,000, depending on the type and model of your phone you have.

Can I take 2 phones to Pakistan?

What is the maximum number of phones that an overseas passenger may carry into Pakistan? According to Pakistani law, overseas passengers are permitted to bring in a total of 5 (five) mobile phones for personal use into the country each calendar year.

Is PTA registration free?

If you are returning to Pakistan after a trip abroad, the PTA will cover the cost of registering one gadget for you. If you have more than one mobile device, you will need to register each additional device. If you want to use your mobile device in Pakistan for longer than 60 days, you will be required to pay the appropriate tax on the device.

Is PTA tax removed?

The government has not adopted a significant suggestion of the Mobile Device Production Policy, which called for the elimination of fixed sales tax on CKD/SKD manufacturing of mobile devices in the USD 200 category and above. This recommendation was widely supported by the industry. The Ministry of Industries and Production confirmed this in a written statement to the National Assembly, which was made public today.

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