How To Remove Reviews From Google My Business? (Perfect answer)

Select “Reviews” from the drop-down menu under “Your Contributions.” Locate the review that you wish to remove from the list of reviews by clicking on it. To learn more, use the “More” button (the three dots, one above the other). You will then have the option of either editing or deleting the review.

Can I delete reviews on Google My Business?

It is unfortunate that Google does not provide a straightforward “remove” option for its reviews. Delete the review, or “report the review as inappropriate,” if it was made by someone other than the person who wrote it. Flagging the review tells Google that the review is fraudulent or that it does not conform with Google’s review standards.

How do you get a Google review removed?

How to remove a Google review that you’ve written

  1. Go to to find out where you are. To access the menu, press the Menu button (three stacked lines in the top left corner of the screen). Select “Your donations” from the drop-down menu. After clicking “Your Contributions,” navigate to “Reviews.” To delete a review, pick “Delete Review” from the drop-down menu next to the review you wish to remove.

Is it illegal to delete bad reviews?

Make a formal request for the removal of a negative review of your company. In the instance of your company, this might possibly apply in the case of probable defamation against you or your brand, which is prohibited in the United States of America (US).

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Can a company force you to remove a review?

As for compelling you to delete a review, it is also generally legal, whether it is done by pressure, suing for libel (after first sending a stop and desist letter), or bribery.

How do I leave a bad business review?

Here are some pointers to get you started.

  1. Admit your mistakes and accept responsibility for them. Embrace negative reviews and encourage your customers to leave online reviews. Customer complaints may be turned into content topics. Once you’ve made improvements, go back and read your negative reviews.

How long does it take Google to remove a review?

Google requires a period of time to delete bogus reviews, which might range from five days to as long as twenty days. There is a good chance that you will have dozens of individuals browsing your profile during this period who are unaware that the review is a hoax. Check the substance of the review to see if it is genuine or not.

Can you pay someone to remove a bad review?

While it is uncommon for a company to take this step, it does happen from time to time. Yelp is strongly opposed to companies pushing consumers or paying them to modify or erase negative reviews from their profiles. Although the transaction may be pleasant in intent, customers should not accept cash or a refund in exchange for deleting or modifying a review on the internet.

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