How To Write Instagram Link On Business Card? (Perfect answer)

In the case of Instagram, this is represented by the @ sign followed by your unique username. By including your Instagram username on your business card, you will make it easier for your clients to locate and follow your account on the social media platform.

How do you write an Instagram address?

Go to and type in your name. For example, if the username is “johnsmith,” the URL should be entered as (without the quotes).

How do you put social media handles on business cards?

Here are a few pointers to help you along your journey:

  1. Quantity. Remember to keep your business card as short and straightforward as possible. List no more than three social media platforms that you are currently active on (in descending order).
  2. Arrangement. Sort your symbols according to their value.
  3. Size. Make certain that all of your icons are the same size.

Should you put social media on business cards?

It is a wonderful method to improve brand knowledge and familiarity by including your social media profiles on your business cards (and other material). It also allows potential consumers to have a better understanding of your business and establish a relationship with your brand.

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How do you share an Instagram handle?

Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Make advantage of the search feature to enter the username of the profile you wish to share with others. Once your selected Instagram profile is shown, click the three-button symbol in the top-right area of the program to follow the user’s progress. ‘Copy Profile URL’ will be one of the choices available in the dialogue box that opens.

What is instagrams address?

Its headquarters are located at 181 Fremont St in San Francisco, California, USA, and Mike Krieger serves as the company’s CEO and Founder, with Kevin Systrom serving as a Co-Founder.

How do you copy your Instagram link?

Open up their profile and choose the symbol in the top-right corner of the screen to follow them. Select “Copy Profile URL” from the drop-down menu. This will copy the Instagram profile URL from the page you are now seeing, regardless of whether it is your own or someone else’s profile URL.

What is my Instagram handle?

Instagram handles serve as your user name on the social media platform. The profile picture is unique to you and your account, and it serves to represent your personality (and identity) to others who follow you. The majority of users use a variant of their own personal name, the name of their organization, or anything relating to what they’re going to publish on Instagram, for example, doglover20 or something like.

How do I add an Instagram QR code to my business card?

A step-by-step instruction manual!

  1. Visit the website Choose the “Instagram” symbol from the list of available options. Fill up the blanks with the URL of your Instagram profile.
  2. Select the type of QR code you wish to produce (static or dynamic)
  3. click on the Generate button. Make a QR code for your Instagram account and personalise it. Test your QR code and save it to your computer.
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How do I get the Instagram icon?

For more information, visit Then, in the category, select the “Instagram” icon. Fill out the form below with the URL to your Instagram profile. ; Select the type of QR code you wish to produce (static or dynamic); then click Generate. Instagram QR codes may be generated and customized online. Test your QR code and save it to your computer;

  1. You go to Placeit’s Logo Maker and input the name of your company or organization into the text field. Choose a template that appeals to you and begin modifying it. When you’re finished, simply click on the “download” button and share it with your friends and family right immediately.

Can I use social media logos on business cards?

You may include them on your website and in other digital marketing materials, for example. Additionally, a large number of firms include them into their business cards and other printed marketing materials like as posters and invitation cards. People will be able to tell if your company is active on social media networks if they see your logos on printed materials.

What should you not put on a business card?

To increase your chances of attracting new customers, avoid making the following 10 business card blunders.

  1. Lack of apparent contact information
  2. out-of-date information
  3. typos and misspellings
  4. small or illegible type
  5. no value proposition
  6. and other issues There is a lack of branding. There is an excessive amount of visual clutter. Color schemes that are too harsh.

Can you use the Instagram logo without permission?

You do not have permission to use the Instagram logo on promotional items such as tote bags or pens, just like you do not have permission to use the logo on other social media sites, unless you have consent in writing.

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What is Instagram URL example?

Your Instagram URL is made up of two parts: the internet address of Instagram and your Instagram username, which are separated by slashes in the URL. My Instagram username is @chrissysface, thus the URL https://www.instagramcom/chrissysface/ would direct them to my profile page on the social media platform.

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