What Does Clc Stand For In Law?


Acronym Definition
CLC Civil Law Cases (Pakistan)
CLC Civil Liability Convention (oil pollution legislation)
CLC Common Lisp Controller
CLC Community Law Centre


What is the meaning of CLC?

A community learning center (CLC) is a school that serves as a community hub, utilizing school space during extended hours, on weekends, and throughout the summer to provide additional academic support, health resources, social services, arts programming, civic and cultural opportunities, and civic and cultural opportunities to students, their families, and the community. A CLC can be found in any school district.

What does CCC stand for in law?

A Case-Law Citation Standard That Is Not Prejudicial — Synopsis — Frédéric PELLETIER is the author of this piece. On December 18, 2000, the Canadian Citation Committee (CCC) made a change to the citation standard. The sign for paragraph referencing has been changed from the “” character to the “.”

What does CL mean in legal terms?

CL is an abbreviation for common law. CNeg is an abbreviation for contributory negligence. #th Circuit) – Court of Appeals (Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit).

What is CLC business?

A commercial letter of credit (CLC) is a document issued by a bank that assures that a supplier to a company receives payment for the products and services that it has provided to the firm.

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What is a CLC certificate?

It means that a person has undergone training and competency evaluation in the field of breastfeeding and human lactation support, which includes assessing the latching and feeding process, providing corrective interventions, counseling mothers, understanding and applying knowledge of milk production, including in special situations.

What does CCC mean in BC Court?

The arraignment hearing will take place. Breaking and entering is a criminal offense in the state of B E. The Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) is a legal document that governs criminal law in Canada.

What is ordinal number in law?

Ordinal numbers are the terms used to describe the position of a number in relation to another number or to some other order. When it comes to grades in the United States, ordinal numerals between first and twelfth are used. Generally speaking, its application pertains to the magnitude, significance, and timing of an event.

What is PO is on OD in court?

It signifies the Presiding Officer is on Other Duty (which means that the judge has not had a bench day, which means that the judge is not present in this Court today). In such cases, the Administrative Officer or the Head Clerk would post things for a later date.

What does SS mean in law?

“SS: An acronym that is used in that section of a document, pleading, or affidavit that is referred to as the’statement of venue.’ Trans is a term that is commonly used.

What does MSD stand for in law?

Each court has its own set of abbreviations. MSD is most likely an abbreviation for Misdemeanor Sounding Docket.

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