What Is Aim Global Business? (Solution found)

ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC., also known as AIM Global, Inc., is a marketing business that was founded in March 2006 in Los Angeles, California. As a “PRO-DISTRIBUTOR” marketing organization, AIM Global, Inc. is committed to ensuring the long-term success of its distributors and their customers. It places a high value on assisting them in realizing their ambitions and goals.

How does AIM Global Work?

The approach consists solely in the sale of things in order to make money. You will then acquire the package and sell all of your commodities in order to amass the maximum number of AIM Global accounts possible (15 accounts total). You will receive 14 direct referrals, matching incentives, and downlines as a result of your efforts.

Is AIM Global Investment legit?

AIM Global sells a total of around six different goods and services. The majority of them are coffee and dietary supplements. This might lead you to believe that it is a legitimate business enterprise. But when the program immediately moves on to its compensation plan, it becomes even more obvious that it is nothing more than a ruse.

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What is the product of AIM Global?

Approximately six goods and services are offered by AIM Global for purchase by customers. Coffee and dietary supplements account for the majority of them. As a result, you may believe that it is a really legitimate business opportunity. When the scam proceeds to its payout plan, however, it becomes increasingly evident that it is a ruse.

Who are the AIM Global?

Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global) is a multilevel marketing (MLM) network marketing firm based in the Philippines with current operations in more than 20 countries and plans to expand its operations around the world.

How much is the membership fee for AIM Global?

– The annual AIM WORLD membership fee is $12,980.

What are the benefits of joining AIM Global?

Invest in a lifelong multinational business that you can pass down to your children. Get a chance to earn a residual income from your efforts. Enjoy a lifetime 25 percent to 30 percent discount on all product re-orders, with no hassles associated with the initial set-up. Starting a business does not necessitate the expenditure of thousands of dollars.

Is AIM Global SEC registered?

We are registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Registration Number CS200515546 and have met all of the business standards set out by the government (FDA, BIR, local governments, and others).

Is AIM Global a networking?

One of the most successful Filipino-owned companies in history has conquered the worldwide market. It was created on the principle of developing a firm that is “Pro-distributor” because the founders themselves were distributors. Before you decide to join a firm that uses the business method known as network marketing or networking business, you must first compare each one.

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When was AIM Global established?

ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC., also known as AIM Global, Inc., is a marketing business that was founded in March 2006 in Los Angeles, California.

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How many millionaires are there in AIM Global?

It is possible that you have heard of an internationally famous corporation that has created more than 10,000 millionaires from all walks of life, starting as an ordinary person and progressing to become an amazing billionaire. Who is AIM Global, and what does it do?

How do you make money with Alliance Global?

If you refer friends and colleagues to AIM Global, you will get $11.00. You will receive $11.00 as a reward from AIM Global if someone joins with you as their sponsor or referral, according to the company. Sponsorship is also a kind of selling. When you become an AIM Global distributor, you will have the ability to offer business packages as well.

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How does empowered consumerism work?

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