What Is The Name Of The Current Federal Tax Ombudsman Of Pakistan? (Solution found)

The Federal Tax Ombudsman is a government-appointed official who investigates and resolves tax-related disputes (Pakistan)

Department overview
Headquarters Federal Tax Ombudsman Secretariat 5A, Constitution Avenue, Islamabad, Capital Territory, Pakistan. 44000
Department executives Hon’ble Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera, Federal Tax Ombudsman Ms. Sarwat Tahira Habib, Federal Secretary
Website www.fto.gov.pk


Who is Wafaqi Tax Mohtasib?

The Secretariat of the Office of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) was established in 1983 to monitor and prevent maladministration in federal departments. Later on, in order to alleviate taxpayers’ concerns and difficulties, as well as to improve the ease of doing business, the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) institution was founded in the year 2000.

What is a federal ombudsman?

For concerns involving federal student aid, the Ombudsman Group is a neutral, informal, and confidential resource that can assist you in resolving them.

When was Wafaqi Mohtasib appointed?

The office of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) was formed in 1983 by President Order I of 1983, which was signed by the president of the country. It was Wafaqi Mohtasib’s primary responsibility to diagnose and examine any injustice done to the public as a result of the misadministration of a Federal Government agency, as well as to remedy and repair any such injustice.

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Who appoints ombudsman in Pakistan?

While the Ombudsman in Britain and Scandinavia is appointed by the parliament, the Ombudsman in Pakistan is appointed by the head of state, in contrast to the British and Scandinavian systems. President of Pakistan is constitutionally required to designate the federal Ombudsman, according to Pakistani law. Wafaqi Mohtasib has been appointed to the position for a duration of 4 years.

Who is current ombudsman of Punjab?

On the first day of July in the year 2020, Azam Suleman Khan was sworn in as the eighth Ombudsman for the Province of Punjab.

When was the federal ombudsman established?

On the 1st of July in the year 2020, Azam Suleman Khan was sworn in as the 8th Ombudsman for the Punjab Province.

What is the tenure of Wafaqi Mohtasib?

(1) The Mohtasib is appointed for a term of four years and is not eligible for re-appointment as Mohtasib under any circumstances. (2) The Mohtasib is not eligible for any extension of tenure or re-appointment as Mohtasib under any circumstances.

Who represents ombudsman?

an official who investigates complaints (usually lodged by private citizens) against businesses, financial institutions, universities, government departments, or other public entities and seeks to resolve the conflicts or concerns raised by the complaints, either through mediation or litigation, is known as an ombudsman.

Does the ombudsman work for the government?

The Ombudsman analyzes complaints against public bodies and, if necessary, advises restitution to the complainant. Parliament has delegated significant investigative authority to the Ombudsman, which includes the ability to undertake inquiries into complaints. Unlike the courts, the work of the Ombudsman is a complement to their efforts.

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How do I complain about government officials?

The procedure for filing complaints

  1. Visit pgportal.gov.in
  2. click on the “CITIZEN CORNER” box on the portal to learn more about citizens. To file a new complaint, go to “LODGE YOUR GRIEVANCE HERE” and follow the instructions.
  3. When filling out the grievance registration form, the user must indicate whether the organization is the “Central or State government.”

What are the functions of federal provincial ombudsman in this connection?

He or she has the authority to enter and search any premises, inspect any object, books of account, and other papers, and to confiscate and seal any article found there. The Ombudsman has the same authority, mutatis mutandis, as the High Court when it comes to punishing someone for contempt of court.

How the muhtasib is removed from his office?

(2) The President may remove the Mohtasib from office if he finds him to be incompetent to discharge the responsibilities of his office due to physical or mental impairment, or if he finds him to be incompetent due to misbehavior. Given that the Mohtasib may request an open public hearing to defend any claims, if he believes it is necessary and suitable.

What is the name of ombudsman?

This term can be spelled as ombud, ombuds, ombudsperson, or ombudswoman in modern usage, while the traditional English plural is ombudsmen in formal usage. It is known as the Public Complaints Commission or the ombudsman in Nigeria, depending on who is speaking.

Who was the first ombudsman?

Oombudsmen is the traditional English plural form of this phrase. Modern versions of this term include ombudsman, and ombudsperson or ombudswoman. When it comes to Nigeria, the Ombudsman is referred to as the Public Complaints Commission or the Ombudsman for short.

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